Light Space Studio : Logo/Signage

Brief: To design a series of window decals which would be displayed on a heritage building at 75 King Street Sydney. The purpose of the decals were to sell the space including a description of the studio’s features such as a full refurbishment, very high ceilings and a way to contact the agent.

It was decided that Light Space Studio was the perfect name for the job.

The Logo and window decals had to be created and a background feature which would tie the inner to the outer had to be designed. We used a background of press metal as this was the feature within the studio. Keeping the background pattern throughout each decal, we allowed the logo and the details to speak for themselves. A bright logo with a classical patterned background with a modern typographical twist.

“Dealing with Rara Designs was a great experience. They were attentive, to the point and we got a good result at a reasonable price.”

Patrick George – George Group



  • Date: 11/05/2013
  • Categories: Branding, Graphic Design
  • Client: George Group