17A : Logo

What is 17a?

17a is an elegant business introduction consultant and is also the address where you can find all resources. This business allows you to outsource your financial management, mobization and marketing issues and focus on building your business.

17a is an address where your commercial objectives are faced with complex questions that require answers by third parties (You do not have the answers) endeavouring to create a true and faithful path forward but you don’t quite know where to start.

Rara Designs mission was  to create a logo that was simplistic in style. We held the key to the address which aimed to unlock all complex questions and help your business grow.

Simple, stylish, clean and to the point. Holding the key to the upward path which is 17A.

“It was a pleasure working with Rara Designs. They listened to my brief and tested my business theory, after which, developing a great design that is now carried through all my activity. Highly recommend Rikki for small to medium business ventures”

David Hayes – Founder