My old but NEW found love for Watercolour Paints

Posted on November 5, 2014 Under Blog

I recently started an old but new obsession with watercolour paints. Over the past week or so, I managed to muster up my old paints and took a little trip to my old art store. A place where I once upon a time, was quite the regular. Stopping in for the odd paint brush, customised canvases, new oriental papers and mediums to try. It literally was my second home and where my last few cents were spent as a student.

Walking back into Bondi Road Art Supplies was like a time-warp. Nothing had changed and I liked it.  As my old love for watercolour ink came rushing back, I thought it’s time to purchase some new brushes and watercolour paper to get me into the swing of things. After all, it had been a good 10 years since I have picked up a brush.

As soon as I got back to the office, I jumped online to see what objects I could start painting and came across British artist Dave White who has a signature style that involves an explosive application of drips and splats of paint. Often referred to as the UK’s Andy Warhol, White recently showed off a new body of work in London for his Western-inspired show Americana. As part of that series, White created watercolor on paper works that are reminiscent of some of the first pieces he debuted over 20 years ago. These are said to be just as dynamic, but more powerful.

I am so fascinated by his work. It’s not your average watercolour painting. It’s unique, fun, explosive, deep and everything I love in an artwork. Over the next few weeks I am sure to develop my own style with watercolour and will post regularly my progress and development. Eventually the aim is to design and create beautiful invitations, for all types of occasions, which I will be selling as downloadable PDF files.  You can then take these files directly to your local printer. I am really excited about this project and cannot wait to update you all.