Wedding Invitation & Merchandise

To design an elegant, clean, simple and unique wedding invitation using design and printing techniques. The client’s wedding was to be held overseas in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. The wedding was a 3 day event and it was essential that all the details for each event were to be included on the wedding invitation. The task at hand was to find a solution for considerable copy, which we had to include in the invitation. That being said, we also had to keep within the unique and elegant design that was promised. We created the design using images of clocks for the times of the events. We used a silver foil and embossing throughout the invitation and combined with a very thick mounting card provided a very unique and elegant look. To finish it off, we had the edges of the invitations foiled so that when they were stacked up they presented a mirror like effect. This technique finished off the invitation perfectly. The client also asked that we create a personalised logo which was displayed at the top of the invitation. This logo was then carried out across numerous merchandise pieces for the guests throughout the wedding. These included water bottles, thongs, pillow coverings, towels, singlets, lantern bags, matches, ice sculptures and more… courtesy of The Personal Touch @thepersonaltouch