VELA is a new design destination launching in Sydney, Australia that celebrates world class furniture, crafts, and the creative visionaries behind them.

With a focus on honourable designs that are sensibly produced, VELA showcases these physical items through a modern, contemporary space in the VELA experience store in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Woollahra.

Drawing parallels with other world class concept stores, VELA displays bespoke, handcrafted and original items ranging in size and nature, all of which inspire a design-led lifestyle.

Pioneered and founded by Troy Tindill, a yachtsman who has spent his career sailing in The America’s Cup and for Australian SuperMaxi Wild Oats. Troy grew up in New Zealand making sails and building boats and has a unique understanding of workmanship and what it takes to make something of the highest quality.

Troy has spent the last year working on the VELA concept and establishing a high end manufacturing and joinery plant in Queensland. The joinery operation now employs 20 people and supplies bespoke joinery for Superyachts and high end residential and commercial fit outs.

VELA seeks to give credit and recognition to the creative people whose concepts influence world class designs. This is a key driver behind the VELA brand – to showcase and celebrate design-led craft of all shapes and sizes – and the creative forces behind them.

A modern lifestyle brand with a focus on furniture and interiors, VELA curates – and creates – inspiration pieces to transform people’s homes and lives. Working with both local Australian creatives, and global profiles from the architecture, fashion, interior, jewellery and art world – to create unique physical items that draw on their own inspiration, background, travel experience and personal ideas.

VELA represents both a mindset and a physical space for the design-driven demographic, offering local and international visitors a space to experience some of the most interesting physical designs and creations from around the world. Part furniture concept store, art gallery and creative space – the ambition is to become Australia’s go-to destination for worldwide appreciators of design-led thinking.