Newzulu lets you share and break news around the world as it happens. Newzulu is a platform which allows you to get paid for breaking the news. All you have to do is document as you see it. Upload your news through the website, through their Apps, by email or when you hashtag #newzulu through your social networks – you can get published and get paid.

We worked with Newzulu from the very beginning. Before Newzulu was Newzulu. Name generation to logo identity to becoming a world known brand. We worked on the initial stages of the website and went through review after review to understand who Newzulu was and what it could become. Newzulu now has extensions which consist of Wirezulu, Adzulu, Jumpzulu, Mobilezulu, Livezulu, Streamzulu, Streamtime, Celebzulu, Boomzulu, Sportzulu, Weatherzulu, Foodzulu and Bridezulu all designed by Rara Designs.

“We were impressed by how quickly Rara Designs understood our first brief and responded to feedback so promptly and accurately. We also really appreciated being presented with options at every step of the way, which gave us an opportunity to work collaboratively and generate some new ideas that we hadn’t considered ourselves. Newzulu is not only delighted with the logo Rara Designs developed for us but the contribution to the website, stationery and ongoing work which is of the highest standard. We will happily recommend them and continue to grow our working relationship.”

Peter Scarf – Newzulu Limited, Sydney