Fords Pharmacy : Logo/Signage

The brief was to create a logo and new signage for Fords Pharmacy. Multiple signage solutions had to be created for both the front and the back of the shop.

A light box above the entry door (4025mmx660mm), the awning at the front of the shop with the address/established + logo, Light box under the awning (2090mmx 490mm) – double sided, light box at the back of the shop (3490mmx 440mm), light box inside 1790mmx 400mm situated on the back wall.

All of the awnings, paintwork, acrylic signage and light boxes were created to carry out the new brand of the pharmacy and make it stand out both at the front and the back entry.

“The work you did for us has been very effective and want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us, under the very difficult time constraints. The re-branding of our Newtown store has been very successful, all the feedback has been positive and the place looks great! I think your translation of our loose ideas was inspired, better than any of us envisaged and thanks to you our business has been sharply re-positioned in a very competitive market place. We look forward to working with you on the re-branding of our city store soon and I will be recommending you to a few friends if you don’t mind. I promise not to keep you working on a Sunday next time, not that you complained.”

Dean Atgemis – City Pharmacy Group

  • Date: 08/08/2011
  • Categories: Branding, Graphic Design
  • Client: Fords Pharmacy