Corte Hair : Logo/Gift Coasters/Menu

Ruth Robalino, Owner of Corte Hair wanted a re-brand for her Hair Salon. The brief was to create a logo which was simple, elegant and something that herself or no one else would get sick of. We created a logo and a logotype. The C to be used on all stationery with specials and the logotype to be placed across all collateral including signage. An extension of Corte Hair has now been generated. It’s called Blow Lounge by Corte Hair. Affordable prices for amazing quality blow dries throughout the week. We kept within the branding colour of grey and white for this logo however added a hint of yellow to create an added fun element and a separation between the two. We designed coasters which are used as gift vouchers,menus for hair prices and a tea menu with a variety of tea for the clients to relax. The menus were printed onto a recycled textures paper and popped onto a perspex clipboard for effect.

“I can highly recommend Rara Designs. When i wanted to re-brand the salon, Rara Designs was the perfect place for the job. Professional, efficient, creative, innovative and classic – all the things that made them a great fit for the job and I am a hard one to please! Overall a great experience working with Rara Designs. We will continuously work with them in the future.”

Ruth Robalino – Owner, Corte Hair